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Cold Fire
Cold Fire
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06.10.2015, 10:01

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Low Tide



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Hideaway print

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Ein Platz, an den man flüchten darf, wenn es mal zu stressig wird...

Nachdem dieses Bild eine Zeit lang als "Foto" namens "Sunset at the north pole" im Internet seine Runden machte, wurde es heute, am 20.06.06, zum "Astronomy picture of the day" gekürt. Den Artikel dazu gibt es hier:

Thanks for the award!

Astronomy Picture of the Day
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Carol Solomon

May I use this on a cd cover?

11.10.2007 04:42  
Michel Godfroid Meding
aanvraagt om in bild agency te kommen mit uns

mijn name ist Michel Godfroid Meding fotagraaf und ich bin in eine US bild Agency. Herr Director wil dat je kommt mit uns. Ich spreken nicht shoen Deutch, ich kant Englese und Franse und Vlaaming spreken.. contact op mijne site web ist the bild agency ist www. director Carroll Seghers
04.04.2008 12:55  


Such beautiful work! I wanted to know if I could have your permission to use Hideaway as a background for my website the Canadian Institute of Metaphysical Theology. I wanted something both mystical and canadian looking and this seems to bring such a sense of mysticism to me that I couldn't keep my eyes off it.

I actually thought it was real until I found your website!

Please let me know if I can use it, and I will put a link back to your website, and give you credit for the background.

13.04.2008 19:43  

This images has been used on without mentioning it's source or copyright.
28.06.2008 09:38  
Wilfred Ruck

What a stunnng photo. You are really a special artist. Can I use part of this photo for my website promoting websites?

Thank you!
15.08.2008 05:26  
Abir Taha

Hello, congratulations on this beautiful piece of art. I am currently planning to publish a spiritual book, and I would be honoured if you could give me your written permission to put that image on the front cover. I will of course put your name as the artist behind this image, this is your right and will give you good publicity if my book becomes successful.
Thank you in advance, and I look forward to your written permission. Best regards
Abir Taha
04.09.2008 10:19
seeking permission to use image.

Sorry to write in English, I hope you don't mind.

I am at the final stages of putting together a resource that will be available on line as a PDF and can be ordered as a printed resource for a donation towards postage and printing costs. The course is a combination of basic cookery skills and Bible stories. It will be available at

I would be very grateful for your permission to use your artwork as one of a series of visual aids for the Biblical version of the creation story. It would be in the resource pack as a postcard sized image.

Please let me know if that is okay and what credit information you would like to appear.

With thanks

Sonya Doragh
Unlock Discipleship Development Worker
15.06.2009 11:15  

Beautiful picture. Is it ok if I d/l and use as my wallpaper? Thanks!
13.11.2009 07:59  

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Low Tide


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