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My name is Inga Nielsen and I live in Hamburg since I was born here in 1983. Currently I study Physics in the 8th semester with focus on Astrophysics and Geophysics.

What else may be worth to mention? :-) Allright, a few words on my hobbies...
One of the most important things in my life is science, so you can't actually call it a hobby. I am not only interested in Astrophysics, but also in Geology and Biology, so I am trying to include them into my studies. One of my most creative hobbies is writing. I am writing short stories, poems, songs and novels, but you won't find them on my homepage. ;-) My favorite genre is (,of course,) Science Fiction and fantasy, but I also like doing satires or horror stories. Moreover I'm writing songs. Currently I am working on a little album, but this is just for fun at the moment, for it is far from good and I'm not much of a musician. ;-)

The most obvious hobby is what you see in the galleries on my homepage. For years I am doing digital art, because it enables me to visualize my dreams. Additionally I am painting pictures with acrylic colors on canvases.
So... there isn't much time left for me to do some sports. But when i have time left, i try some martial arts. This is not my top priority and when I have to decide between making sports, going outside and taking some pictures, it is not hard decide. ;-)

At last, a picture of me.

Inga Nielsen
Inga Nielsen

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